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Initial Impressions on Schoology

Last month, Crystal from Schoology (http://www.schoology.com) approached me about becoming a guest blogger over there. I accepted their invitation, and starting this month, you can expect to see at least one article (maybe more) posted there as well as here. Check out http://blog.schoology.com to see the other guest bloggers and the excellent things they have to share.

I created a free account with Schoology last spring, and this is the first opportunity I am taking to set up a class with it. These are my impressions on the process. I hope that readers of this blog find this helpful. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’m open for discussion!

The first class I decided to set up was a reading class for my 3rd graders. Because we take a novel-based approach, I thought this would be the ideal class for me to introduce discussion forums and online assignments as well as other (as yet unexplored) options for this class.

The following screen shots will show you how I went about this. My comments are in red. All of these screen shots and annotations were done with Diigo’s Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension, which is nothing short of its name (awesome!). Also be forewarned – Schoology is planning to revamp their system soon. What I write here will not be the case much longer. When the new interface is released, I plan to take another look at it and write another, similar post.

Full Disclosure: I am not employed by Schoology, nor have I received any compensation for this article. I am simply sharing this as a way to help other people who might be interested in using the service.

Schoology login screen

That wasn’t so bad. The interface is quite easy to navigate. I was able to set up a course, add users, set up accounts, and get the bones of the class set up rather easily. I have never used a Learning Management System before, and this seems to have the ease of use and flexibility that I need to be able to do what I need to do.

Next topic in this thread: Creating assignments and setting up the grade book.

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