My name is Jason Schmidt, and I have been teaching elementary school since 2004. I currently teach grades 3 and 4 at a small Lutheran school in Omaha, Nebraska. I consider myself a Constructivist teacher who tries to put tools into students hands that allow them to take responsibility for their own learning. My professional interests include education technology, Multiple Intelligences, inquiry-based science instruction, and problem-based learning.

Right now I am working on my Master’s degree in secondary education with a concentration in education technology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Assuming I complete all my coursework on time, I will graduate in the spring of 2012. Besides my Master’s degree work, I am also a SMART Notebook Certified Trainer.

Because of my broad interests, this blog will cover a wide variety of educational topics. It is for my own personal reflection and growth, but I hope that other people might find the things I share here useful, too.

  1. Debra Gottsleben
    August 1, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Hi Jason:

    I’m going to be doing an article for School Librarian’s Workshop this month (not sure when it will appear in print). May I cite your post on diigo vs. delicious? I will of course give you credit? My article will be about using Diigo in the classroom. Thanks, Debbie

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